Blasting overview

Abrasive blast cleaning is a process that involves using a range of abrasive media propelled by compressed air to obtain excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations.

The blasting concentrates abrasive particles at high speed (65-110 m/second) through a Venturi, Boron, Tungsten or Silicon Carbide nozzle in a controlled manner at the material, thereby removing surface contaminants due to the abrasive impact. The blasting task will determine the choice of the abrasive media and the blast pressure, a wide range of abrasives of different size and hardness can be used depending on the material being removed, the type of substrate and the surface finish required.

Abrasive blasting techniques can range from “Soda Blasting” which uses a very soft abrasive on delicate surfaces to blasting with fine and medium hard abrasives. With specialist precision equipment, the blast pressure and volume of abrasive can be regulated in order to produce the desired results whether that is gentle cleaning of architectural surfaces or blasting of steel in preparation for the application of a coating.

Blast cleaning can be carried out dry, or with a small amount of water to suppress dust and give a more gentle clean, for total dust-free operation vacuum-blasting is the answer.

Blasting Types

Vacuum Blasting

Vacuum blasting (also known as dust free or dustless blasting) RM Contractors vacuum blasting machines are the solution for blasting different objects without disturbing the surroundings. Vacuum blasting is a dust free process with no flying abrasiv…


Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting Soda blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that is not only extremely safe, quick to carry out and cost-effective but is environmentally friendly, which is why this non-destructive cleaning process is fast becoming the prefer…



Sandblasting Silica sand used to be used as a type of mineral abrasive. However, it tends to break up quickly, creating large quantities of dust, exposing the operator & others exposed to the dust, the potential risk of developing "silicosis", a…


Precision Blasting

Precision Blasting Here at RM Contractors we use the latest technology to safely and gently strip, clean and restore almost any surface. Using compressed air to deliver the softest media at low pressures, we are able to carefully remove unwanted su…


Media blasting

Media Blasting Grit blasting is often referred to as shot blasting. These systems are very similar in process, but it’s the blast cleaning media that is different. Here at RM Specialist Blasting we use the latest technology to safely & gently …


High Temperature Steam Blasting

High temperature steam blasting The system we promote for this type of work is known as the “DOFF” system & is approved by English Heritage for removing algae, grime & various coatings from a variety of surfaces. It uses low pressure ult…


High Pressure Blasting

High Pressure Blasting High pressure cleaning using water is a high-pressure or power mechanical sprayer used to remove loose paint, mould, grime, dust, mud & dirt from surfaces & objects such as buildings, vehicles & concrete surfaces. …


Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Specialist Blast Cleaning offer one of the best dry-Ice Cleaning Service around. Our experienced teams can provide dry ice blasting you can rely on no matter where you are in the UK! Our team of specialists is equipped with all nece…


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