Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum is an unsightly blight on the environment and sometimes directly affects the appearance of your business. We can manage this issue for you in no time at all. We use modern procedures and equipment specifically designed for the removal of chewing gum and its associated mess.

Chewing gum removal services:

  • Carparks
  • Footpaths
  • Retail environments
  • Parks
  • Plazas
  • Shopping centres

If you would like more information about this service or have a requirement please get in touch on Freephone 0800 038 6557 or 01904 764 557 or if you would like a call back please visit our quote page, fill in a few details and we will get in touch to help you with your requirements.

Chewing Gum Removal FAQ's


We use our high temperature and high pressure mobile equipment to quickly remove and sanitise problem areas.


Removing just the chewing gum from somewhere like a pavement can leave “clean spots” which are almost as unsightly! We can combine chewing gum removal with a complete clean of the pavement area to get it all looking as good as new as an add-on service.

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