Cold Room & Freezers

Cold Room & Freezers

Cold room & freezer cleaning is part of our full range of specialist cleaning services. We pride ourselves in providing a robust reliable service to all our customers at all times and are experienced in cold room & freezer cleaning & maintenance. We have a full range of relevant accreditations and insurance so you don’t need to worry about that, you’re covered. Unlike many contractors in this industry we will not let you down, we have all the right equipment for the job and believe in doing it right.

If you would like more information about this service or have a requirement please get in touch on Freephone 0800 038 6557 or 01904 764 557 or if you would like a call back please visit our quote page, fill in a few details and we will get in touch to help you with your requirements.

Cold Room & Freezers FAQ's


Cold rooms, freezers and commercial refrigerators are the heart & backbone of many businesses. Keeping your cold room, freezer or commercial refrigerator up and running is essential. In turn, proper care must be taken to clean & maintain these units. RM Contractors remove mould and biological contaminants safely and hygienically from cold rooms, freezers and refrigeration units including the ceilings, walls, doors and floors. A cold storage area needs to be cleaned properly at appropriate intervals to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and bad odours. Failure to clean properly can be dangerous or fatal. It may also adversely affect the flavour of food items.


There are many benefits:

– Less food spoilage

– Less opportunity for contamination

– Energy savings

– Improved airflow

– Increase in cooling capacity



– Minimal down time with our Clean, Capture, Recycle systems

– Hot water to cut through ice and stains

– No need to shut down your fridge or freezer saving time and money

– Minimal need to move stock because of our high powered vacuum recovery units

– Floors left virtually dry when we finish

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