Graffiti Removal & Control

Graffiti Removal & Control

Recently the UK has witnessed a substantial increase in building and fixture vandalism. Unfortunately graffiti is often offensive and a social nuisance.

Now for the good news…we specialise in thoroughly cleaning up any unwanted painting or spray painting carried out on public and private properties, buildings, signage, fixtures and road signs.

At RM Contractors we strive to provide an effective long-term solution to graffiti vandalism, offering a dedicated service and operating with integrity at all times.

We use products developed from the most advanced technology in the world. This ensures that the products are user-friendly, biodegradable, and extremely safe to work with. Using the right products and technology ensures we deliver the best possible results.

If you need to remove graffiti urgently we can help, we are able to remove unsightly graffiti overnight using our emergency call out service.

Graffiti Removal & Control FAQ's


Our technicians have been supplied to local and central government, embassies, the prison service, medical institutions, major construction companies, civil engineering contractors, transport operators, housing associations, and the private sector.


We use state of the art machinery and the latest in highly advanced products to remove graffiti and paint from virtually any surface. We can also re-paint surfaces to help with the overall finish where required.

We have all the skills, products and equipment to deal with all types of graffiti, on any type of substrate with a 100% success rate. Tricky locations are not a problem as we deal with all kinds of structures on a regular basis. Our experienced surveyors will come to site to assess all access requirements to ensure our team is fully prepared for the site.


Prevention is clearly better than cure, and so many organisations employ us on a regular basis. With regular maintenance visits, we are able to keep locations cleaner, tidier and less prone to vandalism. Painting, repair and refurbishment are all ways in which a community can be kept looking its best. The type of work we undertake has a hugely positive impact on the local communities, producing areas where people are proud to live and eager to visit. Quick removal and ongoing prevention is critical and it’s what we do best.

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