Pest Control

Pest Control

We have highly qualified technicians who bring value for money and a safe professional approach back to pest control. Our technicians all hold BPCA membership.

We can survey your premises regularly to check for early signs of potential problems and install effective preventative methods in your property which can include Fly Control Devices and Bird Proofing. We tailor each contract to suit our client’s needs.

All the products we use for pest control are effective, yet safe and comply with all current regulations.

  • Building pest control
  • Bird netting / spiking
  • Guano removal
  • Dead bird removal
  • Fly screens supplied and fitted
  • Fumigation

Pest Control FAQ's


Rats and rodents, birds – including pigeons and other wildlife that may become problematic.


Signs can be:

– Rats and mice, produce characteristic ‘stale’ odours, which can be easily recognised

– scratching or gnawing noises in the wall, floor or roof space- droppings in or around your workplace

– damage to your property such as chewed furnishings, fittings, desks, cables or torn up insulation

– nests with shredded material such as insulation, paper or packaging- stock damage.


Effective rat, mouse and rodents control is essential to maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment. Rodents not only carry diseases such as salmonella, E.coli and Weil’s disease, but they also carry ticks, mites and fleas and can cause allergic reactions. Rodents can also inflict costly damage to property, stock and foodstuffs:

– a loss of reputation and trade due to being seen as a dirty or unhygienic if rats are present

– legal ramifications due to not meeting required legislation for health & safety

– damage to property, stock and foodstuffs and the associated costs to repair or replace

– contamination of goods and foodstuffs putting customers at risk

– the spread of diseases.


Typical bird control problems we encounter:

The main species that create bird control problems are gulls and pigeons which are frequently found in urban areas. These species and other species cause problems by:

– Bird fouling – deposits on buildings, cars, stock or materials

– Aggressive behaviour – during the nesting season (Mar – Sept)

– Nesting in or on buildings – clogging drains, flues encouraging insect infestation

– Spreading disease – bird guano carries fungal and bacterial disease

– Creating noise –calling of breeding gulls or the cooing pigeons

– Ground nesting – development delays on greenfield or brownfield sites.


If you have a bird control problem the first step to is to call RM Contractors. We have a long history of experience at the forefront of bird control and have worked on every type of bird control problem on industrial sites, listed buildings, office blocks, shopping centres, airfields, farms, ports and shops. Bird control and bird scaring measures we employ are:

– Bird Control using traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking

– Bird Control using innovative proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents (ideal for listed buildings)

– Bird scaring using falconry response – we have the UK’s most experienced falconry response teams

– Humane bird trapping & egg or nest removal.

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