Roof & Gutter – Asbestoseal

Roof & Gutter – Asbestoseal

RM Contractors are an approved contractor for the provision and application of the full range of Asbestoseal products. From the unique liquid membrane for flat roofs, guttering and bunds to the encapsulation of roofing & cladding that contains asbestos.

Used with a special applicator for expanding foam, Asbestoseal can be applied over this, not only to encapsulate the roofing material, but also to increase the u-value of the roof, which could be of a major benefit to conform with the energy efficiency requirements for buildings due to be in place by 2018.

Please visit the Asbestoseal website at, for further information regarding the full range of products.

As a contractor experienced in the cleaning or removal & disposal of non-licensed asbestos works we are well positioned for providing the Asbestoseal product range. As you will know asbestos removal & disposal can be extremely costly. Asbestoseal provides a competitive alternative that comes with a twenty year manufacturer’s warranty as a minimum.

When faced with a problem with a flat roof, profiled roof or cladding, gutter or bund, we are confident we have the solution here.

Roof & Gutter – Asbestoseal FAQ's


Asbestoseal a product designed specifically for coating asbestos roofs. The unique polymer composition of Asbestoseal  means that it bonds with the surface of the asbestos roof to provide a permanent coating that seals the asbestos cement surface, prevents moss and lichen growth and repels water. Asbestoseal is a single-part, one coat system, meaning that there’s no mixing of materials on site and there are no primers required – this results in a quicker installation and a more consistent result.


The first stage of the process is to clean the asbestos cement roof sheets. Our installers will advise on the most appropriate method to suit your building and circumstances.

Once two coats of our rust treatment have been applied, each fixing is then given a coat of Asbestoseal Non-Sag Sealer.

The non-sag sealer is a very thick polymer that completely covers the area surrounding the fixing to ensure that no leaks can occur through the fixing bolt holes – a very common source of trouble with older asbestos roof sheets.

It’s simply brushed onto holes, cracks and bolt heads to form a permanent seal. It’s faster to use and more effective and economical than gun mastics.

Larger cracks can be repaired using Asbestsoeal plus a fleece.

If the roof is badly de-laminated and porous and a uniform finish is required, we recommend the use of our optional Asbestos Cement Stabiliser. The stabiliser will be absorbed into the porous areas and will completely seal the surface prior to installation of Asbestoseal 20 or Asbestoseal SF.

Asbestoseal 20 is then applied to the entire roof surface by airless spray, brush or roller – depending on local conditions and accessibility.

Only one coat of Asbestoseal 20 is required in most cases, after which your asbestos roof will be completely water tight and totally resistant to moss, algae and lichen growth, since nothing is able to stick to the unique polymer surface.

The asbestos fibres contained in the roof sheets are completely and permanently encapsulated in one coat, however, it should be noted that the end finish will depend upon the overall condition and porosity of the roof sheets. It may not always be possible to achieve a completely uniform finish in a single coat and this is true of all roof coatings.

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