Silos & Vessels

Silos & Vessels

As specialists in industrial tank silo & vessel cleaning, RM Contractors have the capabilities to find effective, tailored solutions to your tank cleaning requirements.

From our initial site visit our project management team will provide an in-depth inspection survey analysing all contaminants and carry out gas testing prior to any manned access. All our tank cleaning operatives are confined space trained and use the latest safety equipment.

RM Contractors can carry out all aspects of silo, interceptor and tank cleaning including external water jetting, recoating and painting. Should manned access be required we can provide specialist internal tank cleaning services, including safe waste management of all hazardous residues from heavy industries.

RM Contractors offer complete industrial tank cleaning as a standalone service in our industrial cleaning division. Alternatively, our project management team can arrange for the safe decommissioning and demolition of any AST (above ground storage tanks) or UST (underground storage tanks), allowing R M Contractors to be central in your ongoing tank cleaning and maintenance needs.

Silos & Vessels FAQ's


Industrial and agricultural silos are used to store a variety of different commodities such as flour, sugar, maize, grain and animal feed.


Periodic specialist silo cleaning is required to prevent the build up of residue on the internal sides and discharge areas of these silos. This build up can facilitate the breeding of Store Product Insects (SPI) which can lead to product spoilage and contamination. These remnants can increase microbiological activity as the increased deposits act as both a harbourage for the bacteria as well as a source of nutrition.


Benefits include:

– Reduces risk of product spoilage
– Decreases downtime of silo as a result of bridging or banking

RM Contractor’s comprehensive silo cleaning service eliminates the chance of product spoiling and reduces the possibility of banking and bridging of the silo occurring. Our service can also involve the full cleaning of dust control units, bulk heads and discharge equipment if required.


Tank cleaning is one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by operators of storage tanks. The accumulation of sludge and bottoms in storage tanks can cause operating problems, accelerate corrosion and reduce the storage capacity available to operators. Most often, tanks are cleaned in preparation for inspections or mechanical repairs. Increasingly tanks are being cleaned as a proactive measure towards environmental compliance. The ability to clean a tank is not the only requirement of a tank cleaning operation. The safety of the methods employed and the ultimate disposition of the material from the tank also have a direct bearing on the true cost and value of the service to the customer.

Tank Cleaning and Washing Solutions:

– Holding Tank Cleaning
– Storage Tank Cleaning
– Decommissioning & Tank Cleaning
– Chemical Tank Cleaning Washing
– Vacuum Tank Cleaning Washing
– Tank cleaning purging and Decommissioning
– Tank and Vessel Cleaning during Decommissioning and Industrial Renovations
– Tank & Vessel Cleaning & Retirement Services
– Above Ground Storage Tank Cleaning
– Petroleum Tank/Vessel cleaning
– Remote Control Tank Cleaning
– Large-scale Tank Cleaning.

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